Practice Digital SAT ( Blue Book)

Practice Digital SAT ( Blue Book)

Every one in the globe familiar with SAT knows that College Board always offer a blue book. But the college board introduced a new brilliant idea, which is digital blue book for every student to practice. After the change from the redesigned SAT to Digital SAT, it was expected that the college board will offer a new practice book, but the surprise that it was digital one to practice digital SAT.

where I can find The Blue Book to practice Digital SAT

it is available for free. you can download the blue book from .
The Blue Book is a great resource to practice the Digital SAT. The Application looks exactly as the Digital SAT test.

once you finish downloading the Blue Book, you have to login by your user name and password, which are already registered on the college board website.

Next, you will find two options. Digital SAT test preview or Full Test.

Digital SAT, Blue Book

I will choose to click on test preview, to see how the Digital SAT looks like.

Digital SAT, Blue Book.

Then, click next just to see the questions and how it looks like, to avoid any surprises on test day. Indeed, I recommend if you can take multi practice tests before the test day. more practice questions will be available soon on

After that you will find the following screen to start practicing the Digital SAT.

Digital SAT, Blue Book

read the dialogue carefully, then click close.

You will find the Reading and writing section. yes both Reading and Writing are merged together on the Digital SAT.

Digital SAT, Blue book

Choose your answer then click Next, till you finish practicing the Digital SAT. Then, You will be turned to the Math section with wonderful tools, such as calculator, review, and flagging the questions. College Board did well in improving the test facilities. my only issue with the digital SAT is the decline of grammar questions, which is important to produce a strong command of English language for learners, but might be i am mistaken.

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