Digital SAT Vocabulary

Digital SAT vocabulary list

Digital SAT vocabulary list

The Digital SAT vocabulary is meant to support students of ESL around the world. Most of the words are extracted from the four official Digital SAT module to support you. The digital SAT is adaptive version, so it is not all about vocabulary. But we recommend to study more vocabulary especially for English second language students to enhance their ability in understanding the over all of the questions.

Digital SAT vocabulary list

1- conjecture : to form an opinion based on supposition or incomplete information ( could be like a guessing )

Example: many conjectured that gold could treat cancer

2- speculates : to form a theory or a point of view based on a hope
investors started to buy Coca-Cola based on speculations about a coming skyrocket hit  

3- legislator: the one who is responsible about writing laws.
After the repetitive gun shooting,  the legislators announced a new law 

4- mandatory: compulsory or required by law
some countries made mandatory enlistment

5- offhand : nonchalant, cool in manner or speech , or unprepared situation or talk
the president forgot the speech, and all he said was offhand and unprepared
the actor made an offhand dialogue on stage 

6- persistent: something continual or someone insists on doing the action
Example : the rain is persistent in December
Example2: the government is persistent toward the plastic recycle

7- circumvents : overcome an issue
Despite the climate change , we still can circumvents the coming disaster.

8- eclipses : an obscuring part from the sun or the moon
you cannot look for the sun during the solar eclipse

9- fabricates: has two meanings 1st– construct or manufacture 2nd invent something in order to deceive
Example : the mechanic fabricates a new brake system for my car
example: the corrupted officer fabricated the knife with my fingerprint  

10- exemplifies: illustrate or make a typical example

11- participatory : to be involved in an action

12- discernible : to make something visible or to make something special

13- straightforward: frank, direct, or clear

14- inconclusive : the result is not based on a firm conclusion or the result is based on a feeling

15- biased : taking a side and not be fair

16- parasite : an organism that lives on another organism and benefits from its nutrient
Example: the parasite is attached itself to crocodiles bodies

17- latched: to be stick on something or to size or capture

18- synchronization : to make two things or two issues happen in the same time
Example: you have to synchronize your calendar and mail together

19- hibernation : to be inactive or motionless state for a period of time

20- prediction : forecast.

Digital SAT vocabulary list

21- moderation: to be in between or to avoid being extreme  about an issue or something

22- repudiates : reject

23- tendency : an inclination toward

24- proclaims : announce

25- foretells : predict or forecast

26- recants : deny or abandon

27- Methodology : a system used in an area of study

28- Praise : express admiration to a person who made something good

29- Recount : to tell  

30- Dull : uninteresting

31- Immense : enormous or extremely great

32- illumination : light or an idea open a new way in thinking

33- Indigenous : original and for people means native

34- fluctuations : variation or irregular rise and fall

35- positing : assume or hypothesizes

36- rigid: so strong cannot be bend or manipulated

37- peers : look carefully
Example : Sherlock Holmes peers every single detail 

38- prominent : well known or leading character

39- skeptical : not sure or hypothesizes

40- substantial: real , essential, or important

Digital SAT vocabulary list

41- involuntarily : without will or un conscious movement

42- beneficially : benefit or advantageous way

43- strenuously : describe the action that it requires high physical exertion or a lot of strength 

44- smoothly : describe the action that it is going to happen without any problem

45- deceptive : giving a different impression or misleading
example : the  deceptive evidences tricked the jury

46- innocuous : normal , inoffensive, or not harmful

47- prevail: win, dominate, triumph, or obtain

48- succumb : surrender, cannot resist anymore,  or undergo

49- diverge : splay, calve, different, or vary

50- peripheral : environmental or what surround you, external, or marginal

51- dismissive : something unworthy of consideration, dimissory, or reject
synonyms: sneering, disdainful, contemptuous, or snotty

52- unanimity : agreement of all people involved in the situation, unity, or assent

53- gaze: look, stare, consider  

54- alters : change or modify

55- thrive : succeed, achieve, or grow

56- convention : agreement upon an issue or meeting

57- delegate : representative, deputy, commissioner, or proxy

58- interpret : explain or translate

59- Renounce: deny or give up.

60- Catastrophic: tragic or painful

Digital SAT vocabulary list

61- Elusive: shifty, difficult to find, or dodgy

62- allusive :  give a hint

63- abrupt : rude, sudden, or sharp inclination .

64- imminent : will happen in the future

65- eminent :famous or clear
Example:  I have an eminent shot on the target

66- replicable : can be repeated

67- predetermined : set, fixed, or pre-planed

68- operative: the worker who have a definite task

69- latent : inactive or dormant

70- waive : give up or abdicate 

71- concede : surrender or admit that you were wrong

72- refute : prove that the other theory was wrong with evidence

73- crucial: very important

74- consistent : harmonic or nearly the same

75- guile: so smart or cunning

76- overshadowed : demonstrate over or control

77- irrelevant: out of the topic or not attached

78- disorienting : confused

79- tenuous : thin, weak, and slight

80-nuanced : specialized, so accurate, or great

Digital SAT vocabulary list

81- subtle: thin or fluffy, perfect, or witty or masterful

82- foregrounds : front or the beginning of something

83- misconception: error or fallacy

84- assert : agree or confirm

85- preserve: maintain, keep, or look after

86- entertaining : fun

87- conservation : keeping or maintenance

88- compiled : respond or obey

89- sediment : grout or residue, but in geology clay

90- resilient : flexible or responsive

91- inadequate : not enough, disqualified, or unsuitable  

92- dynamic: interactive

93- interpretation: translate or explain

94- collaboration: support or working together   

95- predatory : the animal which eats meat

96- vague: mysterious  

97- diverse : varied or multiple

98- sepsis: body extreme response to an infection

99- dispute : disagreement

100- withdraw : pull or retreat

Digital SAT vocabulary list

101- underscore : highlight , confirm, or make a line under a word to emphasize or show its importance 

102- absurd: silly

103- restrained : restrict or bound

104- inventive : new or contrived

105- inexplicable : hard to explain

106- mystifying : perplexing or unclear choice

107- alternating : substitute or switch

108- enclosures : lock or to make a closed circle around something

109- abundance : plenty or a lot

110- substantially : strongly, basically, or extraordinary

111- contemporary : modern

112- acknowledged : cite or admit

113- endure: afford or bear

114- deprive: prevent or forbade

115- underestimated : despise or decline its value

116- infrequent : rare

117- implement : apply

118- presume: estimate, pretend , or assume

119- improvise : to make something ( show or speech) without preparation

120- aloof : apart, away from others, or cautious

Digital SAT vocabulary

121- adhere :abide or keep

122- evoke : trigger , bring, or recall

123- grapple: catch, wrestle, or bond

124- surmised : guess or conjecture

125- contrived: original , devised , or designed

126- heeded: pay attention

127- regretted : feel sorry

128- indecipherable: cannot be understood easily or crabbed

129-ornamental : decorative

130- obscure : un clear or mysterious

131- intricate : complex

132- abhor: hate or disdain  

133- contagious: disease spread

134- complementary : integral or finishing

135- disparate : different or mixed

136- paucity : rare or scarce

137- profusion : available or plenty of
synonym: luxury, wealth, or glut

138- verisimilitude :probability

139- confident : certain

140- inhabiting : dwell or live in

Digital SAT vocabulary

141- disorienting: confuse
example: I got disorienting did not know the directions of the hotel

142- cereals: grain like corn and rice

143- Quilts: be covered with worm layer
the best quilts for winter are those made of silk

144- rendered : take the action to make something or introduce it

145- perceive : understand or realize

146- renunciation: waiver, denial, or surrender

147- ambivalence :  duality, contradiction, or hesitation.

148- enthusiasm : zeal, eagerness, or enthusiasm

149- eroded: decrease or decline in size
example: if you leave the iron exposed to air, it will be eroded.

150- Diminishing: decrease, lessening, or detraction

152- arousal : rise, wake, or ( sexual) provocation.

153- domestic : local or happening within the same country
Example: companies should decline the prices of domestic airplanes tickets.

154- descends : fall or get down , in biology it refer to an old species

155- Hinder: prevent, block , or disturb

156- burial : tomb or interring a dead body in the grave

157- artifacts : an old object represent a culture or something observed in scientific experiment or investigation.
example : pyramids are an Egyptian artifact

158- appropriate : suitable

159- Exquisite : fabulous, elegant, or glamorous

160- Reveal: show, discover, or imply

Digital SAT vocabulary list

161- conceding : admit, give up, or accept

162- assumption : supposition, deduction, or suspicion

163- nourishment : feeding

164- synthetic: artificial

165- ablation : remove

166- depict: describe or represent

167- intriguing : interesting, complex, or complicated

168- preferential : in details

169- assesses: evaluate, estimates, or measure

170- prevalent: general or common.

171- lucrative : profitable

172- infallible : incapable of making mistake, effective, or successful.

173- atypical : irregular, eccentric, or odd

174- tedious: boring, uninteresting, or slow  

175- sophisticated : elegant, advanced, or complex

176- vintage: excellent, classical, or harvest

178- annotate : comment, hang, or add notes.

179- reciprocate : exchange

180- disengage : disassemble, set free, or solve

181- proponent : supporter or adviser

182- omission: skip or eliminate

183- distraction: confusion, having  fun  and leaving your work, turmoil, or bewilderment.

184- panel: table or chart

185- elect : select or vote

186- illicit: illegal or forbidden

187- mitigation : reduction or decrease

188- contaminated: polluted or spoiling

189- Confederacy: a league or alliance

190- snatching : seizing or kidnapping

191- irate : angry

 192- dully : in a manner that lacks interest

193- grief: sadness or sorrow

194- invoke: mention, implement, or pray

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