EST Test register

How to register for EST exam by steps

The first step you need to do to register for the Egyptian Scholastic test (EST) Exam is to login for the official site:

you will find at the top right of the page the word login, click on it

EST exam registration

Then enter your username and password to register for the EST test

How to register for the EST test

Next, you select the tests, whether it is EST 1 or EST two subjects ( math- biology- physics- chemistry).

then click the name of the subject

Then click “proceed to check out ” , you will be turned to the check out page.

The EST has announced that it will support students with difficulties in learning.

You will find a bottom on the right of the screen ” proceed to payment”

you will find ” confirm payment” kindly click on it. Then enter the 14 digit numbers on your visa card followed by the 3 digits of cvt on the back of the card.

congratulation, you have finished registration for the EST exam. What you have to do after is to wait for the admission ticket on your account.
you will receive a mail when the admission ticket is ready. You have after just to print the the admission ticket. you can print the admission ticket colored or black and white. The only thing you need is to have a clear image for you in the admission ticket. that was how to register for the EST test.

Students with special needs EST registration.

The EST board had announced that it will support students with special accommodations. after you click on the test you wish to register for, you will find an icon called ASSN click on it. What do ASSN in EST stands for? the answer is that any student with special needs can apply. Accommodation for students with special needs (ASSN) is a great step from the EST board for every student has a special needs.

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