Digital SAT ( about and resources)

What is Digital SAT?

Digital SAT stands for ( Scholastic Aptitude Test) with a digital version, where the student could apply for the Digital SAT but online.
The SAT is one of the best tests that grantee the Students enrollment for colleges, through measuring their abilities in various fields.
The College Board announced about the digital SAT and practice resources on Khan Academy to support the students while preparing
to take the Digital SAT, which is a great move from the college board. I am going to tell you why.

College board introduced one of the smartest interactive tests, which is the digital SAT. Why we say that? The digital SAT offers a way to measure the students ability on critical thinking in both math and English. The digital SAT is adaptive tests. THEREFORE, it will measure every student ability not as usual standard tests. We can say it will measure your own abilities not like the usual tests even the previous version of SAT. The college board offered 4 digital sat copies , but they are none adaptive versions. The digital SAT has the same common core of English writing, which is great. Therefore, it measures the students ability to write in the standard way plus every student ability to think critically in reading part.

Digital SAT tests

Digital SAT test one

Digital SAT test two

Digital SAT test three

Digital SAT test four

Download link : Here

Practice Digital SAT

The college board provided a tool called the blue book to practice Digital SAT. the application of bluebook , which is made to practice digital SAT, is for free. Download the application

Positive Impact of Digital SAT (personal point of view)

The positive impacts of Digital SAT are lot. one of those impacts is that there is no more leaking. Second, the adaptive test suits more every student. Every student will be able to know his own ability and what to improve. The digital SAT offers a better chance in college enrollment.

Negative impact of Digital SAT ( personal point of view)

The only thing that I see critical from my point of view is the decline in grammar questions number. To write appropriate language and mails, Students should have more grammar skills. the formal writing should be different from texting. By leaning more on vocabulary and analysis, the students will neglect the grammar more. the college board is a great educational organization, from my point of view it leads the education trend, so i wish if there is more focus on grammar.

More practice will be available on SAT-ACT-EST

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