EST exam

What is EST exam ? (Egyptian scholastic test )

What is Est test ?

The Egyptian scholastic test (EST) is an entrance exam used by Egyptian colleges and universities to measure the students knowledge and skills ( for those students in the American Educational system (only in Egypt). The first test was heled in October 2020. The Egyptian scholastic test (EST) is inspired by SAT. The test was made after the continuous leaking for SAT worldwide. According to the Egyptian minster of education, he announced EST exam to guarantee fairness between the Egyptian students to enroll in universities and colleges.

EST test specification

EST test specification

EST is four sections and an essay, which is optional.

Section one

The first section is literacy test (grammar and Language)

It consists of 44 questions, in which the student should be able to pass through 35 minutes

Section two

The second section is literacy test two( reading ) consists of 52 question in 65 minutes.

Section three

Math without calculator 20 questions in 30 minutes.

Section 4

Math with calculator 38 questions in 55 minutes


Essay is optional

50 minutes

most of the students who are going to apply for Egyptian national college are not in need for essay.

The purpose of the EST essay is to assess the student ability to analyze an author’s argument.

The essay is consisting of one passage, which is around 600 to 750 word. After the student read it, he or she should be able to respond for the author argument or point of view in 50 minutes.

EST Exam Scoring

EST scoring is divided to two main sections, which is math over 800 and English which is also over 800. Both sections combined together to form the total score of 1600. According to the last announcement, you can select your highest score in math and your highest score in English and match them together. The scores release after the test day by 14 days. the student receive an email on his account by the score for the test that he or she had applied to. you can find more at info at htt


After various cancellation for the SAT exam due to leaking or corona virus, the Egyptian government found a rapid solution for those in grade 12 and still did not enter SAT trials, so the minister of education ( DR. Tarek Shawki) announced the EST as a substitute or method to save those students.

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