EST Exam vocabulary

EST Exam Vocabulary 2

EST Exam Vocabulary 2

Layman definition: ordinary person

Example : He is not an expert ( laymen) in computer. 

Gasped: meaning taking breath or puff.

Example: Catch one’s breath with an open mouth, owing to pain or astonishment.

Dismay: dread, alarm, or dread.

Example: To his dismay, she left him.

Revered: respectful, revered, or venerable.

Revered manners are a must for every gentleman.

Example: Inadequate: insufficient, not enough, or unsuitable

Example: I have inadequate amount of chemicals for the experiment 

Fanciful: fictional, unrealistic, or awkward (rare)

Example: Fanciful ideas could change the world   

Jurisdiction: the power of making a legal decision

Example: Federal courts have no jurisdiction over the case

Lamentation: grief, pathos, sigh, or commiseration

 Example: The lamentation after the bad news will not enhance anything.

Obsessive: meaning compulsive

  Example: She became obsessive by online shopping.

Obsession:  meaning an idea that could interrupt your thinking or mania

Example: The obsession by success could destroy results

EST Exam vocabulary
EST Exam vocabulary

EST Exam Vocabulary 2

Dread : meaning fear or reverence

Example: The dread from future is the worst ever.

Secrecy: meaning the action of keeping something secret

Example: the politicians secrecy their plains always

Unyielding : meaning hard or sold, unchangeable

Example: the president opinion is unyielding about terrorism.

Sediment: definition precipitate or what left on the ground 

Example: after I irrigate the flower, sediment color at the ground changed

Demise: definition, end, diminish, or death

Example: John Kennedy has a tragic demise 

EST Exam Vocabulary 2

Oppressive: definition is unjust, unfair , or unequal

Example: the court decision was oppressive for me

Exhibit: definition show, display, or offer

Example: the picture was exhibited in the show

Tread definition walking in specific way or the sound of walking

Example: the tread of my father is unforgettable

Parade : meaning caravan or cortege

Example: the festival began by a parade for the army

Premise: definition, introduce a theory based on evidence or introduction

Example : If the premise of that researcher is true, it is going to be a breakthrough

Condescending: meaning scornful, disdainful, informal ( snooty)

Example: She thought that mega stars are arrogant and condescending

Grudging, definition, jealous, reluctant, or force

Example: she is grudging sophisticated people

EST Exam Vocabulary 2

Analogy: definition a comparison that could explain or identification

Example: give me an analogy to explain her beauty 

Attained, meaning, earn accomplish, or achieve

Example: our national team attained the world cup 

Imminent: definition, is going to happen soon or in the air

Example: achieving score is imminent

Equitable: meaning fair or unbiased

Example: the arbitrary was fair in the match 

Resigned, meaning: ended something specially a job or retired

Example: He resigned from the company after working for ten years

Confrontational, definition to be in front of something or challenge  

Example: in the last confrontational with the politicians he lost the debate.

Delineating: meaning describe, cue, or particularize

Example: the school dress code delineates a specific color.

Seized, definition: confiscated or take from you by force

Example: the policemen jumped in the air and seize the criminal arm  

EST Exam Vocabulary 2

Confiscate meaning seized

Example: The confiscated tool is in the lab.

Abduct, meaning: kidnap, hijack , or ravish.

Example: The millionaire’s daughter has been abduct in a mysterious situation.

Alluding: definition, giving a hint

Example: she was giving alluding that she likes him, but he did not understand.

Vegetation: meaning, plant or flora

Example: the vegetation should be exist in every location on earth.

Manifest, definition: visible or obvious

Example: the rise of co2 ratio became manifest for everyone.

Delineates, definition outline, present, or portray

Example: the artist delineates the issues of people by a simple portray

Bolster, definition: support, or strengthen

Example: my father is my biggest bolster

EST Exam Vocabulary 2

Crucial meaning: important, critical, or decisive

Example: the United Nations about Afghanistan is crucial for the global peace

Elixir, definition: magical or medicinal potion

Example: the cough elixir is like a magic

Scent meaning: odor, smell, or perfume

Example: the scent of ammonia could damage your respiratory system.

Elongate definition: lengthen or stretch out

Example: Picasso elongated the human features in his painting

Halted meaning: stop, prevent, or pull up

Example: the military forces halted the enemy

Abundance meaning: plenty, a lot of, or a very large quantity

Example: the new platform offered abundance solutions for recruiting issues.

Reverence definition: respect, honor, or veneration

Example: children should show reverence to their parents.

Accentuate definition: shape, feature, or clarify

Example: he made an accentuate for the issue of population

EST Exam Vocabulary 2 is edited and prepared by MR. Mohamed EL-Kirsh

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