EST-Exam vocabulary 1

EST-Exam vocabulary 1

A simple vocabulary list for EST Exam Vocabulary

Outbreak – it means sudden appearance

Similar meanings: eruption – start – flare-up- wave- spate- flood

 (COVID19) disease

2- leverage – it means influence or power

Similar meanings: grip – grasp

3- Capitalism – an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

Example : USA economy is a symbol for capitalism

4- Communism – a theory or system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs.

Example : Russia supports communism

5- Enduring – extend over a period of time

Example: Davanci gained enduring fame

6- Fleeting- last for a short period of time

Example : those light comedy movies are fleeting for the cinema’s history

7- Hindrance – a thing that provide resistance

Other meaning obstacles

Example : The water flow has stopped because of the obstacles in the river pass

EST Test Vocabulary 1

8- Boon – beneficial

Other meaning useful

Example : Coffee machine is boon for me

9- nurturing – care for or protect

Example : The cat is nurturing its infants

10- Rear – raise a child or animal

Example : My father rears dogs in his hose  

11- asinine- it means extremely stupid or foolish

Example : the student ignored his asinine remark

12 – obsolete- no longer produced

Synonym : out of date

Example : my phone is obsolete from 2011, so there is no spare parts for it

13- Surmount – to overcome a difficulty or obstacle

Example: Americans surmounted the issue of segregation

EST Test Vocabulary 1

14- Invariably – always

15- Expunge – remove

Example : Adam could expunge any unsatisfactory incident  from his memory

16- Scrutinizes- examine – inspect

Example: Women love to scrutinizes clothes closely

17- Efface – erase

Example: The teacher effaced the answer sheet and asked me to resolve the test

18- Appeals – resumption –renewal – claim

Example : police are appealing to for information about the case

19- Rummage – search unsystematically or random search

Example : open up the room and have a rummage look

20- Ambivalence – mixed feelings – contradictory ideas about situation  

Example : my mother is ambivalence about my wedding dress

21- Resignation – stop working for a place

I resigned from the company yesterday, because the manger was rude

22- Rage – violent – uncontrolled anger

Example : the storm was rage

EST Test Vocabulary 1

23- Naivety – lack of experience – lack of wisdom

He is so naïve to make such a decision for the company  

24- Accentuate – prominent – more noticeable

Example: he accentuates his skills in the new project

25- Tyrant – cruel – oppressive ruler – unfair

Example : Hitler was a tyrant  

26- Erudite – have a great knowledge

Example : erudite must rule the world

27- Stout – strong – thick – fat

The building on the corner has a stout look

28- Firm – solid – strong

Example : the apple was firm

EST Test Vocabulary 1

29- Ignite – cause to catch a fire – start the fire

Example : the fireworks ignite a great fire in the stadium

30- Copernicus – a conspicuous crater on the moon

31- Timid – lack of courage – easily frightened

Example: the babies are always timid by dark

32- Cognizant – having knowledge

Example : some teachers are cognizant about their information

33- dilapidated – ruin as a result of age neglect

Example: The theater is dilapidated , so you can not make your show   

34- yearning – miss – want something- a feeling of intense longing

35- Dismissal – make order- allow someone to leave

Example :The English team surprise dismissal from the competition

36- Awe – fear – wonder – inspiration (rare)

Example: Adam was awed by the mountain

37-  Disdain – scorn – unworthy

Example: he disdains his students, so the left the class

EST Test Vocabulary 1

38- Persuade – lead someone to believe your point of view

Example : the sales man persuade me to buy that house.

39- Onomatopoeia – the formation of words from its sound

Example : advertisement use onomatopoeia to make names more catchy.

40- Trivial – not important

Example : the expense of papers is trivial for our company.

41- Aggregation – collect something together – make a group of something

Example: a single dose of aspirin irreversibly inhibits the normal aggregation of platelets.

42- Immersion – put something in water

Example : the immersion of apples in water was essential for the experiment.

43- Halt – make something stop- put an end for an issue

Example: the green tree organization succeeded to halt cutting trees in Ethiopia.

44- Cumulative – add – increase

Example : the cumulative of non-essential vitamins to body could lead to some health issues.

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