What is TSI Test Collegeboard

What is TSIA test

Texas Successive initiative assessment (TSIA) is a test designed by CollegeBoard to measure the college readiness in Math, reading, and writing. It sounds like SAT, but TSI is a group of questions that measure the college readiness only.

What is a good score on TSI?

The scale of TSI is ranging from 310 to 390. The applicants considered accepted, when he or she scores from 350 to 390 in every subject.

If it is less the student either redo the test or consider a course advised by the college.

In math section it is good to score over 350.

Texas Success Initiative Test Advantage.

1- One of the best advantages in TSI test is the time. Unlike SAT or ACT, the test does not have time. You can solve the test in even 3 hours.

So all you have to do is to study and practice for about a month maximum then apply for the test.

One of the biggest issues in SAT or especially ACT is time, so it is solved in TSI.

2- You can take the test at home for extra 25 U.S.D

3- For international students, they can take the TSI exam at their home country.

What is the purpose of TSI.

The test purpose is to measure whether the student fit to enroll for college or not. Especially, Reading, writing, and math are the three common factors that every student want to join the college should have acceptable level at.

TSIA Practice Test Samples

you can find TSIA Practice here. The practice of TSIA here has model answers and an auto correct mode. More practice will be available soon.

the more you practice, the more you score.

The exempted students

some of the students are not in need to take the TSIA, but when? those students who had took the SAT or ACT and scored well have not to take the TSIA test. Other students who were in military service are exempted.

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