Transition words ACT, Digital SAT, Egyptian scholastic Test (EST)

Transition words ACT, Digital SAT, Egyptian scholastic Test (EST)

It’s important to use transition words into your writing in order to make it flow more smoothly. But what are transition words? They are of the utmost importance in the Digital SAT, ACT,  and Egyptian scholastic Test (EST). You can find all the information you need here. Let’s learn together:

Transition words are an incredibly important part of writing. Not only do they allow you to connect different ideas together, but they also help to create a cohesive structure. In the case of the Digital SAT,ACT, or Egyptian Scholastic Test (EST), transition words are especially vital. The test makers score you on organization and coherence primarily, and will dock points if there are any errors in the flow of your essay. Thus, developing a solid understanding of transition words within the context of this particular test is essential. Transition words are used in grammar questions in Digital SAT, ACT, or Egyptian scholastic Test (EST).

You should also think about how your topic ties in with the essay prompt given during the exam as well as how it can be clearly articulated within each body paragraph. By making use of transition words when crafting thesis statements, providing evidence for each point, and arriving at conclusions, you can ensure that your writing flows seamlessly from section to section. Furthermore, being familiar with what kinds of bridge phrases are available for use can be beneficial when considering how best to make connections between concepts. With some practice and a bit of research on what types of transition words work best where, you’ll be able to ace this particular aspect of the SAT, ACT, or Egyptian scholastic Test (EST).

For example:

I love to read books. Additionally, I enjoy writing stories. Furthermore, I am passionate about learning new languages. Moreover, I am an avid traveler and love exploring new cultures. However, I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends. In contrast to my adventurous side, I also like to relax at home with a good movie. On the other hand, I am always looking for new experiences and challenges. Similarly, I am always open to try something new and exciting. Yet despite all this activity in my life, I still find time for myself to relax and reflect on life’s journey so far. Therefore, it is important for me to take time out for myself every now and then.

Transition words in Digital SAT

The importance of transition words in writing has been long established. While there are many styles of writing and different contexts for its use, transitions can help you make a clear connection between two ideas or concepts in an essay.

Transition words serve as connecting links to your main points and ideas by highlighting their relationship. For example, if you’re talking about cause-and-effect relationships, transitions like “therefore” and “as a result” may be appropriate. Similarly, words such as “however” and “on the other hand” may be beneficial when explaining opposing points of view on an issue. Each type of transition word brings with it its own emphasis—one example may have more urgency than another—which allows you to adjust the tone of an essay to

Transition words can be used to introduce a new idea, emphasize a point, or show a cause-and-effect relationship. Common transition words and phrases include:

• Furthermore

• Moreover

• In addition

• Additionally

• Consequently

• Therefore

• As a result

• Subsequently

• Thus

• Hence

• Accordingly

• Consequently

• Similarly

• Likewise

How to solve transition words question in Digital SAT.

The question asks you directly to find the best transition word that suit the meaning, example:

Which choice completes the text with the most logical transition?

Symptoms of food allergy are typically triggered by eating these foods when they’re fresh and uncooked. ………. when these foods are cooked, symptoms may be less severe.

  1. Thus,
  2. For example,
  3. In fact,
  4. However,

How to solve the question?

The first step you have to do is to read both sentences carefully then identify their tones. Detect whether they are cause and effect, oppsite, or……. Etc.

In the example above both sentences have a clear relation between cooked and uncooked food, so you have a shift between both sentences. The answer is However choice (D). You can also use the elimination technique in which you can avoid the wrong answers.

Transition words in ACT

Transition words in ACT have the same functition, which is to transfer the meaning smoothly.

The question in ACT has two styles

1-at the beginning of the sentence

EX) You could ask anyone on the inernet if they enjoy the experience of YouTube, and they’d probably say no, especially  for Ads. However, YouTube began running in-video ads in August 2007, with preroll ads introduced in 2008.

  1. No change
  2. Still
  3. For instance
  4. Because

How to solve it: first step, read before and after the transition word , eliminate an answer like Because in (D), because we are not fixing a run-on sentence, and remove B,C, because they did not give a meaning in the sentence. The only available answer is (A) no change

2- At the middle of the sentence

EX) YouTube offers revenue for the content makers. Coco melon, for example, gains 61 million dollars per year

All you need to do is to imagine that the word at the beginning of the sentence and read before and after.

Transition words in Egyptian Scholastic Test (EST)

Transition words in Egyptian Scholastic Test (EST), as a question, depend on connecting the meaning of both sentences.

Example) One study in women reported that higher apple intakes were linked to a lower risk of cancer death .Apples’ fiber content may also contribute to their cancer-fighting properties. For example, another test-tube study found that apple pectin fiber could inhibit the growth of cancerous cells and even trigger their death. However, further research in humans is needed to better understand the possible link between apples and cancer prevention — for example, to identify adequate amounts and eating timing

  1. No change
  2. For example
  3. Thus
  4. Moreover

While you are selecting your answer in Egyptian scholastic test (EST), you have to think about the elimination technique. First sentence means that apples could reduce cancer death, while the second one gives indication that it is not yet confirmed. So the best answer is however.

Practice transition words (ACT, Digital SAT, and Egyptian scholastic test (EST)

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