EST Test vocabulary list Four

EST vocabulary list

1- Heeded – focus, pay attention

another meaning taking a notice.

Example : The student should have heeded the warning .

2- Cumulative – force by successive edition or increasing

Example: The cumulative effect of the war is unknown.

3- Cleric – religious leader, priest , or sheikh

Example: clergyman relives my soul.

4- Fondness : liking for something or some one – affection

Example: I remember MR. Mohamed El-kirsh with great fondness.

5- Absorption : being engrossed by something else

Example: the clay absorbed the water.

6- Genuine : authentic or true

Example: make sure that your phone is genuine.

7- Inadequately: unsatisfactorily , not enough, too low in quality, or missing something

Example: the quality of junk food is inadequate to build a body.

8- Grudgingly : resentful manner, did not agree completely, or reluctant

Example: I grudgingly accepted his math theory.

9- Colloquialism: un formal words

Another meaning Slang.

Example : colloquialism became common between youth.

10- Abstain: do nothing – did not take decision against or with

Example: Some countries abstains in the UN.

EST Vocabulary list

11- Assimilate: fully understand

Another meaning regard as similar

Example: the students assimilate the lesson.

12- Acquaint : make someone know the information

Another meaning know someone slightly

Example: the students must acquaint new lessons from life.

13- frigid: Very cold in temperature

Example: the water was frigid, so I did not drink it.

14- Assent : agree

Another meaning approve

15- manifest: clear

another meaning exhibit or demonstrate

Example: he manifests his point of view about war.

16- Unrestrictive: untied

Example: Unrestrictive rules could be catastrophic.

17- pediatrics: medical branch deals with infants

18- Tranquil – steady – calm

Another meaning free of disturbance

Example : tranquil ocean waves improve my psychological state.

19- Invigorating: full of energy

Another meaning : Healthy

Example: Food makes me feel invigorating.

20- Compliant: agree with other

Another meaning: obey rules

Example: a compliant labor force is not always good.

EST Vocabulary list

21- Benevolent: well meaning

another meaning Kindly

Example: a benevolent fun will cure more kids in the hospital.

22- Ragged: old and torn

Example: the new company is going to recycle the ragged clothes.

23- Extinct: no longer exist

Example: dinosaurs extinction was the biggest wave in the history of earth.

24- Deteriorates: suffer

Another meaning getting worse

Example: the progress started to deteriorates in the last year.

25- Veterinarian: a person can treat animals

Example: most of veterinarians are located in the central of the city.

26- Misuses: use something in the wrong way

Example: the governor misuses his authority.

27- Excavation: unearthing

Another meaning: hollow

Example: during the excavation, they found a new archeological site

28- Stubborn: unchanged mind

Example: the king is stubborn

29- Merriment: high spirit

Another meaning: fun

Example: merriment is the family gather.

30- Directed: manage or govern

31- Girdle – like corset – something women worn round their waist

Example : the bride wears a corset and gridle around her waist.

32- succumb – submit, surrender or can not resist ant more

Example: If you succumb to Covid-19, you dies from it.

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